Safety and Security

Safety and security of the students and staff in Perry Local Schools is a high priority for all. Safety procedures are reviewed each year with staff during a staff meeting before the start of school. Students review safety procedures during the first week of school. Each school building is locked at all times and visitors must “buzz in” at the front doors. Visitors are required to show identification and give a specific reason for being at a school. Listed below are some examples of what we do to ensure the safety of our students and staff.

Fire/Rapid Dismissal Drills
During the school year, we practice nine Fire/Rapid Dismissal Drills.

Tornado Drills
During the school year, we practice four Tornado Drills. The first Tornado Drill is held at the start of the school year. The remaining three are held during the months of March, April, and May.

Safety Drills
Safety Drills are held at least three times during the school year. These may include lockdown and evacuation scenarios.

Communication In the Event of an Emergency Situation 
Our priority during an emergency situation is to keep our students safe.  Once we have students secured, we will do our best to communicate with parents and the community.  Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit their child’s building website for more information on how to receive notifications.

It is imperative that parents/guardians keep their Emergency Medical forms up to date with numbers where parents can be reached. Each building will rely on this information in the event of an emergency.