Perry Local Covid-19 Closing Information

Dear Perry Local Families,
As stated throughout this pandemic, we are committed to informing you of any developments that impact our schools and those we serve.  We are beginning to see a constant rate of positive cases among staff and students. Quarantining, along with additional absences of staff/students, continues to create attendance/staffing issues in our schools. Knowing these numbers are not likely to improve in the immediate future, the District will be switching to the following for the remainder of this week:

Perry High School will start Remote Learning on Tuesday, December 15th.
All other grades, Pre-K through 8, will start Remote Learning on Thursday, December 17th.

* Please look for more details from your child’s principal. In addition, for the remainder of this week, grab and go breakfast and lunch will be available from 10am-Noon in each building during remote instruction.

As mentioned earlier, the quarantining due to close contact is our biggest issue, especially at the High School. We cannot stress enough that we must all do our part when it comes to our own health and the health of others. If we are to have any chance to return to the traditional school setting, we all must make the safest decision possible for others and ourselves.

We will monitor our numbers over break and if they mirror what we are seeing now, then we will return remotely in January. That decision and for how long will be made with enough time so parents can plan. How we handle the coming break is critical to any future decision. We still have to make sure we are following the appropriate guidelines in order to return to the buildings on January 4th. This means wearing a mask, washing your hands, practicing social distancing and staying home when sick or when someone at home is sick. It is up to all of us during the holiday break to continue to keep each other safe to slow the spread of this virus. Ultimately, we may not be able to do those things that are synonymous with this time of year; however, it may give everyone the ability to do those things next year.  We will continue to provide health updates to our families as they become available. As we have communicated since the beginning of this pandemic, our plans remain fluid as things evolve. Please be patient as we navigate through everything.

Scott Beatty
Perry Local Schools