Principal’s Message

Dear Family,
Welcome to a brand new school year! I hope the transition to school has been easy
for your family! The students have done a wonderful job settling into routines and
procedures. Please remember to check your child’s folder each evening. The homeschool folder is a wonderful communication tool. Your help is greatly needed to
help your child succeed academically and behaviorally.
We have added some new players to Team Genoa, please be sure to check out our
building’s roster to the right!
Thank you for your patience as we continue working to make our dismissal as
efficient as possible. Our buses have started coming in a predicable order, so we
should be able to load quicker for dismissal. When dropping off or picking up your
child, please line up on Parkland Ave. We have 9 buses that need to load and
unload before our pick-up line approaches the bus port. As construction continues
on Genoa, we will do our best to keep the flow of traffic orderly and safe for all.
Your patience is greatly appreciated!
Our tardy bell rings at 9:00 a.m. and dismissal begins at 3:28. Please call the school
at 330.478.6171 to report your child’s absence. If your child is late to school, for
safety reasons, walk your child into the building and sign in.
PIV– parent internet viewer– information has been sent home.
Please use this information to login and monitor your child’s progress at any time.
If your family is busy like mine, you may want to gather a basket or tub of books,
flashcards, word cards or a notebook (journal) to keep in your vehicle as you travel.
Try turning off the radio and having your child read out loud to you! Then, have
your child tell what he or she read. These suggestions will help you know how your
child is doing academically as well as strengthen your relationship.
Thank you for all YOU do every day to help your child succeed! I am looking
forward to sharing this educational journey with your family!

With Panther Pride,

DaNita S. Berry, Principal