Perry Local Schools Closed March 8, 2021

Dear Perry Local Families,
As some of you may have noted, our COVID numbers in the area have been improving recently, and while our top priority is the safety and security of our students and staff, it has taken the help of the entire community to help us maintain that goal. We appreciate everyone’s efforts to keep our kids in school, and that hard work has paid off as evidenced by our students still being able to attend in-school classes as we head into March. However, even though our numbers are improving, we must continue to be meticulous in containing the virus. Please continue to wash your hands, wear your mask and practice social distancing. Continue to use common sense, and we all will benefit from the collaboration. As part of our own due diligence, Perry Local Schools Staff will receive their second round of vaccinations on Saturday, March 6. It has been a trying time for so many, and we are happy to take one more step in ensuring the safety of all within the Perry School District.

To allow for recovery from the vaccination shots, we are closing Perry Local Schools on Monday, March 8, with a return to school Tuesday, March 9.

In an abundance of caution, we are being proactive in anticipating staff members possibly having symptoms due to the vaccine. We have seen other school districts practice this precaution with success and we are using this opportunity to continue our practice of prioritizing the safety of all. Again, thank you to all who have made this school year a success during a demanding time. We all should be proud of the work of so many including our teachers, staff, students and families throughout the district.

Scott Beatty, Superintendent