Celebrity Interview

Celebrity Interview
1. Place a bag with question strips in each team area.
2. Divide the students into teams of 4.
3. Number the students 1-4 in each group.
4. Have the #4 student read each question strip and place it
face up in the middle of the team.

5. Set timer for 1 minute. Student #1 stands up and answers
the questions he/she chooses to answer.
6. As soon as the timer sounds, student #2 stands up and
answers the questions he/she chooses to answer in one
minute. They can be the same or different questions than
student #1 answered.

7. Continue the process with students #3 and #4.
8. Conduct a wrap up activity.
Have students create the questions on scrap paper.
Level questions based on ability groups
Give each student 30 seconds OR 45 seconds depending on
the age of student or complexity of questions.
Wrap up activities- answer a study guide consisting of all
the questions, class discussion, use information for
extension activity, etc.
Have student # 2 and #3 share one question and answer
from their team
Have team use resources (notes, text, etc.) to research
questions they did not know the answers of or
disagree on the answer

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