Cubing is an instructional strategy that asks students to consider a concept from a variety of different perspectives.  The cubes are six-sided figures that have a different task/topic/activity/question/number etc. on each side of the cube.  The cubes can be differentiated in numerous ways.  For instance, the cubes can be color coded to reflect differing levels of questions matched to leveled groups on a particular topic.

Other ideas might include the following:

  • Create one cube with characters, one with settings, and one with problems. Have students roll all the cubes and create a story with the rolled information.
  • Have different vocabulary terms on one set of cubes and activities to do on the other.  They roll both cubes and use the rolled vocabulary term to complete the activity.  For instance, if the term is democracy, they might have to draw a picture to represent it, use it in a sentence or contrast it with another form of government.

cubing template

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