Reading Interventions

STRATEGY-Segmenting Sound Activities

Kinesthetic Activities to Increase Phonological Awareness

STRATEGY-Flashcard Drill and Practice

STRATEGY-Blending Sound Activities

STRATEGY- Word Study-Speed Sorting

STRATEGY- Word Meaning Sorts

STRATEGY- Word Chains

STRATEGY- Vocabulary Map

STRATEGY- Vocabulary – So We Go C


STRATEGY- Touch and Say

STRATEGY- Syllable Puzzles with Letters

STRATEGY- Sound Sorts

STRATEGY- Spiral Notebook

STRATEGY- Sound Boxes

STRATEGY- Semantic Word Webs

STRATEGY- Semantic Feature Analysis

STRATEGY- Scaling Antonym Pairs

STRATEGY- Rhyming picture sort

STRATEGY- Response Cards

STRATEGY- Repeated Reading

STRATEGY- Recipe Word Box

STRATEGY- Reading Comprehension Through Self-Monitoring

STRATEGY- Radio Reading

STRATEGY- Question Generation_Question Answering

STRATEGY- Question Generation

STRATEGY- QAR_Question-Answer Relationship

STRATEGY- Practicing Word Families

STRATEGY- Poetry Coffeehouse

STRATEGY- Photo Flashcards

STRATEGY- Phonemic Awareness – Phoneme Identification w ABC

STRATEGY- Phonemic Activities for Reading

STRATEGY- Oops Wrong Rhyme

STRATEGY- Memorizing Nonphonetic Heart Words

STRATEGY- Making Words

STRATEGY- Letter Association Cards
STRATEGY- Human Word Web

STRATEGY- Green, Yellow & Red Question Cards

STRATEGY- Front & Back Flashcards

STRATEGY- Fluency Poetry Coffee House

STRATEGY- Flexing Syllables for Multisyllabic Words

STRATEGY- Fluency – Word Study-Speed Sorting

STRATEGY- Fill in the Sound

STRATEGY- Duet Reading

STRATEGY- Cornell Note-Making

STRATEGY- Comprehension – RUD-PC

STRATEGY- Comprehension – RAP-Q

STRATEGY- Comprehension – KWL

STRATEGY- Choral Reading

STRATEGY- Building Vocabulary Using 5 Step Process

STRATEGY- Beginning Sounds Beach Ball

STRATEGY- All Aboard

STRATEGY- Address the Vocabulary

STRATEGY- 5 Ws & 1 H

STRATEGY-Segmenting Sound Activities

Main Idea Map

Peer Tutoring Listening While Reading

Phase Drill Error Correction


Pre-correction Strategy to Enhance Beginning Reading Perform

Reading to Read

Repeated Reading

Speech discrimination, letter-sound, correspondence, and phonemes

Taped Word Procedure

Teacher assisted reading practice






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