Whip Around

Whip Around
Whip Around is not good for checking for specific individual
understanding, but it can provide general feedback about the
need to reteach content to a group.
1. The teacher poses a question or presents a task.
2. Students respond individually on a scrap of paper with at
least 3 responses.
3. The teacher quickly “whips around” the room randomly
calling on students to share one of their responses and be
seated. Standing students check off any item that is
shared by another student.
4. The teacher continues to call on students until everyone is
Variations: Have students pair up to generate their ideas
Have each student tell one thing they learned in class
as their “ticket” out of class
Have each student ask a question and share where it
is on the Chihuahua to Great Dane scale (Bloom’s
taxonomy) to work on higher level questioning

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