1) Place several interesting, strange, or fun pictures in each
team area.

2) Have each person select a picture that looks interesting to
him or her.

3) Present a topic, concept, or vocabulary term the students
should understand.

4) Students complete this statement:
My picture (substitute what their picture is and show the class)
is like (substitute the concept, topic or vocabulary term)

EXAMPLE: My picture of a pig on a go cart is like carrying
capacity because the go cart can function with one or even a
few pigs riding it, but there is a point where there are too many
pigs for the cart to run. An area of land can support some
organisms but there is a limit.

Conduct the activity with a partner or team

Have the students pick an unusual word and complete the
analogy with the given concept or term

Tell students the term or concept and a category for their
analogy completion.

Example: What musical instrument is the Marshall
Plan most like? Why?

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