Quarantine Changes for Perry Local

Dear Perry Families, On Wednesday (Dec. 30, 2020), Governor DeWine released new guidance to Ohio school districts regarding the current accepted practice for student quarantine. After a comprehensive review of statewide data, health professionals are no longer recommending that students who have been exposed to COVID-positive individuals must quarantine. This guidance is only for cases where all students have been wearing masks and the potential exposure took place in a classroom setting. It does not apply to contact in outside settings, including after school activities and athletics.  Currently, it has been our accepted practice to immediately quarantine all students who have come into contact with any COVID-positive individual. Additionally, the district (in collaboration with local boards of health) has assisted in efforts to establish appropriate measures of contact tracing to ensure the health and safety of all who have potentially come into contact with an individual who has tested positive for the virus. While this guidance is a great departure from our current practice, we will respect the data that has been provided to us by local and state health officials. This data supports what we were seeing in Perry Local and thus a welcomed change to help keep our kids in school. Beginning Monday, January 4th, 2021, we will no longer require those who meet the above criteria to quarantine away from the school setting.  We are encouraged that this new guidance will allow our students to remain in the classroom while maintaining their health and safety.  As always, we strive to remain transparent and communicative as soon as new information becomes available. Since the onset of the pandemic, the health and safety of our students has remained our highest priority, and we will continue to follow the best practice guidelines of health officials and to monitor our own data very closely. Should you have any questions regarding these policy changes, please contact your child’s building principal or a central office administrator.