Free Breakfast and Lunch Information

Free Breakfast and Lunch for all students!    Earlier this month, USDA released nationwide waiver extensions for the Summer Food Program until December 31, 2020 (or until funding is depleted).  Perry Local Schools has chosen to participate and been granted approval to accept the waiver.   What does this mean for your students?  Beginning Monday, September 14, all children enrolled in Perry Local Schools will be eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch meal.  Any al-a-carte items including extra pizza, sandwiches, milk and bottled water will be charged according to pricing.   On January 1, 2021, or when USDA funds are depleted, regular pricing for breakfast and lunch will resume according to student’s meal eligibility: free, reduced, paid.   If you feel you may qualify for free or reduced meals, we encourage you to complete the application now so it will go into effect in January.  Applications may be completed at