Ohio High School Mathematics Invitational Olympiad

1Nathan Miller, a sophomore at Perry High School (PHS), recently competed in the Ohio High School Mathematics Invitational Olympiad (OHMIO) on March 30 at Capital University. The OHMIO rewards mathematical excellence and encourages team work, challenging students individually, in teams and in a ciphering format. To qualify for OHMIO, students must receive a top score from Ohio Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OCTM) tournaments. Miller, who received a top score at the OCTM’s tournament at The University of Akron in
February, is Perry Local Schools’ only qualifier in the district’s history for the OHMIO. Typically, around 100 students from the state of Ohio are invited to participate. Miller qualified
for the invitational this year and his freshman year, as well. The OHMIO consists of a full day of competition beginning with a one-hour individual test that covers all high school math topics, including calculus. After lunch, the competitors compete in an eight-round ciphering contest. Success requires a broad knowledge of mathematics and lightning-fast computation. The competition concludes with a team competition, where four students from four different schools compete as a team, testing student skills in both strategy and cooperation.

Miller’s coaches are PHS math teachers Ashley Meinke, who taught Miller both in eighth grade I
Honors Precalculus and in ninth grade in Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus AB, and David
Olszewski, who currently teaches Miller in AP Calculus BC. Both teachers worked with Miller to
help him prepare for the invitational by doing practice problems.
“Nathan is the strongest math student we have ever taught,” said Meinke. “His curiosity is
inspiring. He loves to read about math and come up with his own problems to think about. He
also has a great interest in computer science and chemistry—qualifying for the Chemistry
Olympiad this year, as well.”

Since Miller is two years advanced in math, he plans to take math and STEM (science,
technology, engineering and mathematics) post-secondary courses through Kent State
University at Stark during his junior and senior years.
“We are so proud of Nathan’s hard work and achievements in mathematics throughout his
years as a student in Perry,” said Superintendent Scott Beatty. “We wish him the best of luck in
his studies in future years and know he will continue to amaze us with his level of knowledge
and commitment to the subject.”