Perry High School has been chosen to host a teaching assistant from Japan for the 2016-2017 school year.  We are one of only ten schools in the country awarded this opportunity. The young lady coming to Perry is a graduate of Tokyo University and will co-teach Japanese at the high school with Deana Kramer.  Our teaching assistant will be in Perry for up to two years learning to teach a foreign language and helping the Japanese classes.  We also plan to get her involved in the community and other schools in the district and help build connections between Perry and Japan.   Another goal of the program is for her learn about family relationships in the United States, specifically through a home stay.  She is sponsored by The Laurasian Institute, The Japan Foundation and the government of Japan.

The home stay will last for four months beginning July 31st  and running until November 30th.  At that time, she will move into a house or apartment to live independently in our community.  Any family interested in hosting this young lady for the four month home stay should contact Mrs. Kramer, the PHS Japanese teacher at by June 7th for more information.