Food Services

Janet McLeese
Food Service Coordinator
330-477-4644 ext. 133

Wellness Policy Assessment

Perry Local is made up of nine buildings with complete kitchens in each of them. Six of them are elementary schools serving approximately 225 lunches each day. Pfeiffer Middle School serves 600 lunches each school day. Edison Junior High serves approximately 500 lunches including ala carte items, and Perry High School dispenses around 500 lunches and another 500 students purchase from the ala carte line. Can you imagine the grocery bill for serving 3,000 lunches each day?! During the year, we purchase up to 100,000 slices of pizza, 100,000 hamburgers, 100,000 hot dogs and 1,000,000 chicken nuggets. Sixty-four employees work in food service. We are unique in that all employees are either parents of students or mothers of past students. We employ 11 full-time and 53 part-time hourly food service workers. Everything from monitoring, baking, cooking, dishwashing, managing, and keeping the kitchens clean are done daily by our employees.