Director of Continuous Improvement

Mrs. Mandy Gardinsky
Director of Continuous Improvement

The Director of District Continuous Improvement is responsible for
assisting in the growth of the organization through the identification of
strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. She is
specifically responsible for the following:

-Ensure successful completion of OAA, OGT, and related district tests
(AP, PSAT, Compass, Explore, etc). Evaluate other testing opportunities
for usefulness at Perry (PLAN, Practice OGT, etc).

-Oversee district transition & implementation of state-level assessments.

-Analyze District Test Results and other data, including Common
Assessments. Make recommendations to address any weaknesses or areas for
improvement (curriculum gaps, teacher variance within a subject, AYP
issues, etc).

-Plan, develop, and recommend district-wide professional development
aligned with the Common Core, state-level testing, and needs of the
district, as determined by working with other curriculum staff

-Serve as a district liaison on state & local efforts regarding the Common
Core, next-generation testing, and new methods of testing.

-Assist with secondary special education to ensure all students are